Cosmetic Recontouring

What is cosmetic recontouring?

As teeth wear and move, and teeth around them are filled and removed, sometimes it is necessary to reshape teeth. Often it is necessary to remove sharp edges and this can improve the appearance of teeth as well as the function. Sometimes this reduces the need for crowns and veneers, and is usually performed without anaesthetic. Carefully adjusting teeth in this way should not increase the chance of tooth decay, and is sometimes performed to reduce the chance of tooth fracture.


How long does the entire treatment process take?

The treatment is usually completed in a single visit.


What is the typical treatment cost?

The treatment cost is approximately $200. In Australia, the code to describe cosmetic recontouring is item 113.


What are the risks involved?

Cosmetic recontouring rarely poses any problems for patients, but in some cases, teeth can become sensitive and bite changes may not be comfortable.



Dr Christopher Hart Prosthodontist provides cosmetic recontouring in Melbourne for teeth and implants. Specialist prosthodontist for cosmetic recontouring treatment in Bendigo and Darwin by appointment.


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