Case example: Central Incisor Crowns - Dr Chris Hart: Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Case example: Central Incisor Crowns

November 18, 2016

A case example of two porcelain crowns placed to improve aesthetics.

Image 1 –  The two upper central teeth have been previously heavily filled. The colour, shape and size is inconsistent with the other teeth and the interproximal gum is puffy due to the plaque retentive margins of the filling material.


Image 2 –  Treatment: The placement of a porcelain crown on each upper central, this has improved the aesthetic issues such as the colour, shape and size. It has also improved the health and appearance of the gum between the central teeth and made it easier to clean and maintain.


Preparation of crowns takes approximately an hour, after which a customised shade is chosen and an impression taken. A temporary crown is placed to protect the preparation and help maintain the gum. Generally, two weeks later the permanent crowns are cemented in place.

Cleaning around single crowns is the same as cleaning your natural teeth. Daily flossing and good brushing will keep the crowns looking healthy.