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Conventional Dentures (Removable Teeth)

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type=text title=”What are conventional dentures?”]

Conventional dentures are fully removable and an alternative to fixed implant-supported dentures. They cover the entire jaw and are made for patients who are missing all of their teeth. This is the simplest way of replacing natural teeth.


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type=text title=”How long does it take to make a set of dentures?”]

Most conventional dentures can be delivered after six to eight appointments, over one or two weeks. Occasionally, much more time is required. The amount of time required will be estimated at the initial appointment.


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type=text title=”What is the typical treatment cost?”]

A specialist-made denture, whether it’s upper or lower jaw, starts at $3000. Where patients are covered by DVA or through insurance, usually a fee by negotiation directly with the paying party is made prior to any treatment. Most dental insurance will cover approximately $1000 of this fee. In Australia, there are codes to describe conventional dentures and these are items 711, 712 and 719.


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type=text title=”What are the risks involved?”]

It is not uncommon in making full dentures to have transient or permanent soreness from the denture. With time, nearly all dentures require realigning as the jawbone continues to shrink. There is no guarantee that dentures will work and every effort is made to assess this in the early stages. Treatment can be aborted if it is considered that a satisfactory result will not be achieved, saving unnecessary appointment time and money.


[cws-row cols=321][col span=12]Dr Christopher Hart Prosthodontist provides conventional dentures in Melbourne. Specialist prosthodontist for conventional dentures treatment in Bendigo and Darwin by appointment.


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