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Cosmetic Recontouring

Cosmetic recontouring can change the shape and look of a tooth to improve the symmetry and functionality of your smile.

As a significant part of a tooth is not connected to a nerve, it can be reshaped and recontoured. This might be achieved by gently filing or grinding away sharp edges, chips or bumps which are out of symmetry with the rest of your smile.

What is cosmetic recontouring?

As your teeth are constantly subjected to a myriad of different external pressures, like changes in temperature and differing forces, they are likely to change shape, chip or wear-down at some point. Often it is necessary to remove sharp edges or to change the length, shape or surface to improve the appearance and function of teeth, and to create a seamless blend with a dental prosthesis.


Sometimes, cosmetic recontouring can reduce the need for crowns or veneers, and is usually performed without anaesthetic. Carefully adjusting teeth is sometimes performed to reduce the chance of tooth fracture or to remove a small, potentially problematic section.

What does tooth recontouring involve?

Your prosthodontist will first examine your teeth, and then determine whether a small portion of your enamel can be removed. If the tooth pulp (which contains all the nerve endings of the tooth) is too close to the surface of the tooth, or the enamel is too thin, then your prosthodontist will recommend another cosmetic procedure. If you are a suitable candidate, your prosthodontist will remove a tiny bit of the enamel of your tooth/teeth, using a sanding disc or a diamond bur. No aesthetic is required because there are no nerves in the enamel of your teeth. The entire process is virtually painless, non-invasive and offers instant results.

What does the typical treatment cost?

The treatment cost is approximately $200. In Australia, the code to describe cosmetic recontouring is item 113.

What are the risks involved?

Cosmetic recontouring rarely poses any problems for patients, but in some cases, teeth can become sensitive and bite changes may not be comfortable.

How long does the entire treatment process take?

Cosmetic recontouring treatments are usually completed in one treatment. It is a non-invasive and simple procedure which can garner fantastic results in a short space of time.

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