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Second Opinions on Treatment and Treatment plans

[cws-row cols=321][col span=12] Many patients are referred for second opinions on treatment. A second opinion does always need a referral, and if you are interested in having your situation assessed and an independent suggestion made as to what we consider your best option, please feel free to book an appointment.

[cws-row cols=321][col span=12] Dentists and dental specialists alike base their treatment decisions on a combination of personal experience, research data and available technology to provide what they consider best care.
While there is no single best solution for any patient, there can be a range of solutions that can provide similar outcomes. Patients should feel educated enough by their dentists to select the plans that suit them the best.

[cws-row cols=321][col span=12]Dr Christopher Hart Prosthodontist provides second opinions on treatment and treatment plans in Melbourne. Specialist prosthodontist for second opinions on treatment in Bendigo and Darwin by appointment.

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