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Temporary Bridges for Dental Implants

April 6, 2016

Temporary Bridges – Techniques for dental implants


Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. One of the downsides to dental implant treatment is that it can take many months until patients can enjoy their final porcelain tooth. Most patients are trying to avoid wearing plates, and so one very good way to deal with a missing tooth is to place a temporary adhesive bridge. Temporary adhesive bridges can last for many months, in fact years, as they are bonded firmly onto the tooth next door to the gap. In the following article is an example of a temporary Maryland bridge that was in place for 2 years. It has a metal backing that makes it strong yet thin, and sticks well to the tooth using strong adhesives.





Image 1.1 – This image is of a young patient who is undergoing orthodontic treatment at the time of implant therapy. The space is being opened up with braces to create an ideal situation for the new dental implant tooth.

(image 1.2)


Image 1.2 – This image shows a bonded temporary bridge in place. Note the colour match to the neighboring teeth is very good. The gum above the tooth is slightly white as the false tooth is being used to shape up the gum above the temporary bridge.


(image 1.3)


Image 1.3 – Temporary bridges can remain in place for 2 – 3 months, however sometimes they are required for up to 2 years. Image 1.3 shows a temporary bridge in place after 2 years note the mild staining of the natural tooth. Note how the colour of the tooth still matches but there has been some change to the overall shape of the tooth. This is because plastic wears, however it is still a much better alternative to a dental plate.


(image 1.4)


Image 1.4 – This image shows the temporary bonded in place. The thin white line visible is the glue that holds the tooth on. (Also visible is some staining of the neighboring teeth due to the Chlorhexidine mouth rinse that was used during the healing period – this is also easily removed when the final bridge is made.) It is also interesting to note that the width of the two front teeth is very symmetrical and that the metal framework of the bridge is very clean and free of staining or plaque build up. Note that the back of the framework is flat and smooth and this feels comfortable to the tongue. The typical cost for a temporary bridge is approximately $1500.00. This compares favorably to a temporary plastic plate. The downside of this way of temporizing spaces is that they have to be removed between professional appointments for implant treatment and adjustments.


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