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Tooth Replacement: Porcelain Bridges

November 3, 2016

A bridge is a series of crowns made together with a false tooth (a pontic) suspended between the abutment teeth (natural teeth on either side). They are an excellent fixed prosthesis option for replacing one or more missing teeth and can be completed in two appointments. Bridges are ideal where the teeth directly adjacent to the missing tooth are heavily filled, or you’d like to improve aesthetics, and could benefit from crowns. The procedure is non-invasive and more time effective when compared to implants.



Below is a common placement of a porcelain bridge, one tooth is missing and the very back tooth is in poor restorative condition (filling has been removed). The porcelain covers the entirety of the broken down tooth and bridges the gap to create better aesthetics and improved function.



Next, is a more complex example and shows a patient with congenitally missing teeth. The spaces were replaced with a porcelain bridge which also improved the look of existing teeth by unifying the size discrepancy between the central, laterals and canines.