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Total Tooth Replacement (including extractions)

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A total tooth replacement is replacing all your natural teeth with either fixed (with the use of implants) or removable (conventional dentures) prostheses.


Most teeth are lost as a result of gum disease or failed dental treatment. Selecting the most appropriate way to replace your tooth requires thorough consideration of your general health, dental history and desires. There is much scientific evidence to suggest that patients who have lost teeth through gum disease may be more at risk of implant problems and failure than healthy patients.


Sometimes use of dental implants is considered a last resort, especially when conventional removable dentures can be worn. Dental implants are heavily marketed as a panacea (solution for everything), however latest research suggests otherwise. Prosthodontists are trained to consider all options for patients. Many patients have undertaken complex implant treatment only to be left dissapointed after spending much time and money.


There are certain factors that place patients at greater risk of problems and these include, but are not limited to, smoking, diabetes, gum disease, osteoporosis, medication, top jaw location, and implant surface.


Most total tooth replacements are provided using a premium acrylic denture tooth on a metal frame. Porcelain tooth replacements are not always more comfortable and aesthetic, and do not always last longer. The best solutions will be suggested to you according to your needs.


Once the important diagnostic information such as x-rays and evaluation has been performed, a fixed set of teeth can be provided in as little as three hours. This is done using special techniques developed by Dr. Hart and his team. All work is performed onsite and requires careful pre-operative planning and analysis.


Dental implants in such applications are selected according to the gum and bone of each patient. Most of the treatments are similar in concept to the All-on-4 system, which is a commonly marketed solution. If you are considering such therapy, it is worth a consultation as there is a range of alternatives to this. Let Dr. Hart explain to you the pros and cons of total tooth replacement.


In the 1960s and 1970s, many patients had their teeth removed in the belief that conventional dentures would provide them with years of problem-free living. Many of these are now implant patients, having suffered from loose and ill-fitting dentures. It is likely that many of these patients could have prevented years of suffering by preserving their teeth.


In the 21st century, it’s popular for patients to have their teeth extracted and implants used to replace them. We are now starting to see the same pattern of dissapointment with many of these patients. Carefully selecting which situations to undertake such radical therapy is the most important aspect of treatment. By exploring all your alternatives, you may find that you have better solutions available.


Our aim is to provide all patients with a true education of their situation so that they can make the best choices.


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[cws-row cols=321][col span=12]Dr Christopher Hart Prosthodontist provides total tooth replacement in Melbourne for teeth and implants. Specialist prosthodontist for total tooth replacement treatment in Bendigo and Darwin by appointment.


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