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Veneers and Maryland bridges

April 6, 2016

A dental veneer is a facing that is bonded directly onto a tooth and is typically fabricated out of dental porcelain. Dental porcelain is very similar to tooth enamel and reflects light differently, it can also be produced in much thiner sections while maintaining strength.

A veneer is a great way to improve the overall aesthetics. Rather than placing plastic ‘composite’ facings that stain and chip over time, porcelain veneers maintain their colour and are far more resistant to staining. Most veneers require minimal staining and modification to get a beautiful result. It is often the fine detail that can be included in veneer that make them look much more natural than direct plastic facings.

A typical case example of six veneers and a lower adhesive Maryland bridge

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Image 2.1

Image 2.1 – This image shows a young female patient who presented with plastic ‘composite’ build ups to mask the uneven shape and colour of her upper six front teeth. The lower front tooth that is missing had been lost due to a fall as a young child and she had been unable to wear the thick plastic plate for many years. Note the chipping and wear of the plastic filling material and the dull appearance of the front teeth.

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Image 2.2

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Image 2.3

Image 2.2 and 2.3 – These images shows the placement of the veneers on the top six front teeth and the lower adhesive Maryland bridge, note that a tiny portion of gum coloured pink porcelain

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